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The 2018 Canadian National Whippet Specialty Show

This year the Canadian National Whippet Specialty was held right here in Ontario, in beautiful Long Sault, near Cornwall.

A National Specialty show always attracts an entry of high quality dogs from near and far, and this National was no exception. There were several beautiful American Champions and Grand Champions there including one in the US Top 20, and a lovely line up of Canadian Specials including a gorgeous previous National Specialty winner. In this kind of competition my goal is always simply to show my dogs to their best, to demonstrate good sportsmanship and to be a good ambassador for my breed.

Our little team far exceeded my hopes! Gracie started the day with a bang winning Best in Sweeps in the National Specialty Sweepstakes competition, an extra match open only to dogs 18 months of age and under. Then at the official National Specialty Show, Gracie and Angel took 1st place and 2nd place respectively for the 9-12 month puppy class and Gracie went on the be awarded Best Puppy in Show!

For the champion class Best of Breed competition, I showed Evie and my friend Karen showed Donnie. This was a bit of a risky move as Donnie is real mama's boy and I was very nervous that he would act up when he spotted me in the same ring with Evie. But Donnie knows Karen better than Evie does, and Karen is becoming a pretty good handler, so we decided to give it a go. Karen had her work cut out for her to hold his attention, but she did great and we were rewarded with top placements for both dogs, with Evie taking home the Select Bitch award and Donnie earning an Award of Merit!

To come home with big ribbons for all of the dogs from a National Specialty was a huge honor, and made for a special day I won't soon forget.

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