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Remembering Zeke

We said goodbye to Zeke today. I cannot describe the hole in my heart ... he has been part of the family seen our kids were small, though he has always been 'my' dog, my shadow. I have never had a smarter or more opinionated dog, nor a dog capable of more love and loyalty than this dog. He expressed volumes with those black eyes. He walked many difficult seasons with me, and today I walked one with him.

Zeke had declined a lot these past months and took a sharp turn last Thursday. The past four days have been heartbreaking. We released him this morning. I had his head in my hands and was telling him it would be alright. He was looking deep into my eyes, didn't lift his head or even seem to notice that the vet was there. He didn't get even half the medication drawn for him, only a couple of seconds in the light left his eyes. He really was ready to go. It was merciful, what he wanted and needed. I thought I was ready too. But I guess you never are.

I cannot stop seeing those eyes. I know he was old. I know he lived a great happy life. But I'm going to miss him so much! Rest in peace sweet boy, you earned it ... I'm sure I will forget a lot before I join you, but I don't believe I will ever forget you xoxoxo

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