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Off to Colorado Springs with the Wunder gang!

Well no sooner did Oscar arrive in Canada then it was time for his first North American adventure, a 24 hour cross country road trip to attend the 2017 American Whippet Club National Specialty in Denver Colorado! Since Joanne was flying to the show, Oscar joined Bob and I with Minnie and Evie to make the journey by car. Bob and I are big believers in embracing the journey as much as the destination, so we planned for a mini vacation in Colorado Springs for a few days before the big show. What a beautiful place, the diversity in the landscape was stunning! We spent a day with the dogs walking the Garden of Gods National Park with it’s beautiful red rock outcroppings, drove to the summit of Pike’s Peak to take in the majestic views that inspired the song America The Beautiful, and enjoyed daily hikes with the dogs on the forest and canyon trails winding through the Colorado foothills. Oscar stepped into our pack like he’d always been there, and quickly had both the girls competing for his attention. Ever the gentleman, Oscar did his best to keep both Minnie and Evie entertained, and made fast friends with Bob and I as well. It was a vacation we won’t soon forget, made all the better because we got to enjoy it all with our beautiful whippets!!

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