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Westminster Kennel Club, NYC!!

Just back from a 'bucket list' show weekend, Westminster Kennel Club in New York City!! Thanks to a nice major win in the US last summer, Minnie qualified to show at Westminster this year, and we grabbed the opportunity. What an experience, to share the spotlight with 3000 of the best dogs from all over North America in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. Fantastic!!

Westminster is a benched show, meaning all of the dogs are on display to the public in rows from first thing in the morning until the show is done at the end of the day. Minnie was an amazing ambassador for the breed, happily greeting everyone who came to meet her, standing nicely for lots of petting, and giving away a ton of free kisses. The show itself is much like every other dog show, only with a really nice assortment of vendors, an entry loaded with top dogs, a lot more people spectating, and a load of cameras around the ring to catch the action. While Minnie didn't win the big ribbon she won a lot of hearts, we had a great time, and came home feeling like winners just for being part of it!

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