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Guardian arrangements and dogs for show

Interested in being involved with a litter without the work and expense, or cheering on a show dog from the sidelines?  Maybe being a guardian home would be a good fit for you.

Every breeding we do involves a lot of thought and planning.   We seek out top quality sires from around the world, purposefully breeding for health, temperament, beauty and strong genetics to build on for generations to come. 

However keeping a puppy from every breeding can present a bit of a challenge for us as our dogs live in our home as part of our family (as every whippet should). The need to manage our numbers has lead to a bit of creative thinking, and the involvement of partners we refer to as guardian homes.

We keep the best one or two pups from every litter to train, socialize and watch how they will grow for a bit, so puppies available to guardian homes are typically between 12 weeks and 6 months of age.  Those with aptitude for show, we try to find a home not too far away from us that is open to let us show them occasionally. Others with less inclination to show but exceptional temperament and conformation, we would hope to send home with an agreement to have them back for a litter down the road or the option to use at stud. 


These pups are still family pets first; we understand and respect that. We also believe that a partnership should be win-win, so offer a financial incentive ($500 off price of puppy upfront, full refund after litter and stud gratuity for males) and an open door policy to visit mum and pups as often as you like when females come back for their litter.

We also love to mentor people new to showing. You don't have to be born into the dog show world to get involved.  It can be a fun hobby for anyone who loves to spend time with their dog. So if that is of interest please let us know!

For questions or more information about pups currently available on guardian arrangement or as show prospects please contact us.

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