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Beauty and heart!
9 weeks old
Cutest puppy ever!
12 weeks old on the move
14 weeks old
4 months old just after her first surgery
November 2019
Her beauty takes my breath away!
At race practice 2021

Ch. Wunder's Late Night Lover From Laurel



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Vixen came to us from Laurel Whippets in Missouri USA. Bred by Maureen McCreery and Carolyn Dean, she is sired by our Donnie (GCh. Wunder Forgetmenot Adonis) out of a gorgeous fawn named Etta Grace (AmCh. Laurel Rive Gauche).  She was one of the most beautiful puppies I had ever seen and could move like the wind. We were so excited to bring her home to Wunder and full of dreams for her future! Unfortunately a running accident at four months of age shattered her patella, and our dreams for her. 


We did surgery and months of physiotherapy and got her recovered enough to finish her Canadian show championship, but ultimately the surgery failed. We did a second surgery and months in a brace, but that repair also broke down.  Her final surgery and only option at that point was an amputation. At the time we were devastated, but Vixen’s journey has really opened our eyes to how resilient and athletic this breed is, and redefined our definition of success, beauty and grace.  


Today Vixen can do everything the other dogs can do. She has even been to racing practice with Magnus, and was faster than some of the four-legged dogs.  Watching Vixen run again gave me more joy than any show win ever has!  With the approval of her ortho team Vixen was bred last year and was one of the best mothers we’ve ever had. Mothering on three legs didn’t slow her down a bit!  Vixen still takes my breath away with her beauty and her heart and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Vixen Fun Facts:  Vixen is our resident nanny.  She loves puppies and will help rear any litter she’s allowed to spend time with.  Most of the girls are not keen to let other dogs in with the pups, but will make an exception for Vixen

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