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Zeke 2014
Zeke 2013
Zeke and Zephyr at Hidden Valley
Zeke & Zephyr 2007
Zeke 2006
Zeke and Zephyr 2006
Zeke 2005
Zeke and his pal Nula
Zeke 3 months old
Zeke 8 weeks old

Bodeswell Nasusa Barn Door

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We brought Zeke home as a companion for our family when our kids were small, and my love affair with this breed took off with a vengeance.  Zeke was the most clever, loving dog I had ever had ever owned.  He was almost human like in his expression and communication.  He would entertain the kids by jumping through hula hoops and over broomsticks by the hour, and was a pro with the regular dog tricks.  On the downside he could also steal a sandwich from a lunch box, close the box behind him, and hide the empty ziplock bag afterward so you didn't know lunch was missing until it was time to eat.  But with eyes like that it was tough to stay mad at him for long! 


Zeke had a great long life, but it's never long enough.  I loved this dog so very much, and still miss him every day.  Life was Zeke was never boring, it started my obsession with this wonderful breed!

Click the top image to open a slideshow with descriptions

Click the top image to open a slideshow with descriptions

Tribute to Zeph by Bob Chafe
Bob and Zephyr 2009
Zephyr 4 years old
Zephyr and Brandon
Zephyr, Thalia & Brandon 2009
Zephyr & Zeke 2008
Enjoying a hike with his buddy Zeke
Zephyr & Zeke 2006
Zephyr 8 weeks old
Zephyr 7.5 weeks old

Avalonia Eternally Grateful

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There is a saying that whippets are like potato chips, you can't have just one!  In our case that was true, and it wasn't long after we brought Zeke home that we started thinking about adding another whippet.  Zephyr was out of English and Finnish bloodlines, and quite different than Zeke in type and temperament.  He was a confident easy keeper without a care in the world, a natural leader.  Thalia followed him like a shadow from the day she came home.  Unfortunately Zephyr suffered a gastric torsion after a running collision at high speed sent him rolling sideways over, and he passed away before we reached the hospital.  He was only 6 years old.  Zephyr's passing left a huge hole in our family and our pack, especially for Thalia.  We were fortunate that Thalia had 2 four month old pups to keep her busy and pull her back out of her funk.  They were a bit of joy that got us all through a tough time.  We will never forget this content, brave, loyal, little dog.  He was amazing! 

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