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Thalia September 2016
Freestanding, 7.5 years old
Thalia and her grandson Jackson 2014
Thalia & Midas
Thalia and Jake 2013
Thalia 2012, 3 years old
Thalia 2011, 2 years old
Thalia with her orthotic fixator
Thalia, 5 months of age
Thalia 3 months old
Thalia 9 weeks old

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Mojo on the move
Sharing the love
Mojo 10 months old
Mojo profile
Mojo 6 months old
Mojo 12 weeks old

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Forgetmenot Quest For Glory

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Mojo is Jake's brother, Jackson's sire, and the inspiration for our kennel name, Wunder, which is German for miracle, amazing, or divine.  Mojo came into the world in the arms of an angel, and his life is a gift I will cherish always!  Mojo's story is impossible to condense to a few sentences, but is I think worth telling.


In the middle of whelping Thalia's first litter I received the very sad news that my sister-in-law Linda Chafe had just passed away.  Linda was the person who introduced me to the world of showing and breeding and a really wonderful person.  It was an incredibly sad time for all of us.


The birthing was not going well; a large pup had became lodged in the birth canal and appeared to be dead.  After numerous attempts to remove the pup had failed, we headed for the emergency vet. Thalia was howling in the back; it was heart wrenching and my emotions were completely raw.  I felt truly overwhelmed with sorrow and prayed desperately for no more death that day.  I was suddenly filled with a powerful sense of assurance that both mother and pup would be fine.  I have never had a sensation that strong before or since; it was almost palpable. 


Mojo was removed by forceps, cold grey and unresponsive.  Our efforts to revive him had no effect.  Thalia thankfully was fine, but the pup I was told was gone.  I brought him home in a box, laid him cold and motionless with his mother and the other pups, and went to sleep on the floor beside them.  When I woke a few hours later there he was, as pink and wiggly as the rest of the pups! That same vet was completely shocked to see him back for a check up just a few days later.  He had a torn vocal cord from the force of the pull required to dislodge him, but remarkably was otherwise found to be completely healthy. 


Mojo was the sweetest pup in that litter; so loving, happy and trusting.  I kept him and Jake, and grew them up together for a year and a half.  Though he was beautiful standing and moving, Mojo never cared for showing, so my show focus shifted to his brother Jake.  I was so thankful that Joanne and Lorraine Burch saw something special in Mojo too and chose him to sire a litter for Jetstream Kennel.  The pups were everything I hoped they might be; three of them went on to show championships, and through them Mojo now has grandchildren in Germany, the US and Canada.  Ultimately I let Mojo go live with another family who had a dog with separation anxiety.  Mojo's reassuring presence made such an improvement in their dog's issues that I couldn't help but think that he was meant to bless them as much as he had blessed me.  I still enjoy updates from Mojo's family regularly and know this dog will always own a big piece of my heart.

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